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Also, in case it hasn't occurred to you yet, what makes this package so valuable to you are the many different ways you can make money from it.

While it's totally true that re-selling the master resell rights to these products through a Fire Sale represents the fastest path to cash, there are also numerous additional profit streams just ready to make regular bank deposits into your account.

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Build an affiliate program and setup joint ventures. Yes, you can offer an affiliate program for your new products and get hundreds, even thousands of other people promoting your products for you! There are no restrictions against getting affiliates and joint ventures to promote your new products!

Sell resale rights and master resale rights to your products. Want to make even more money from the products you create with this package? You can offer resale rights and master resale rights to the products you create for premium prices! If you sell a product that you create from this content for $27.00, then you might want to offer resale rights for $97.00 and master resale rights for $197 or more! (NOTE: And that's just from ONE product you create with this package... you can create as many as you want!)

Promote your favorite affiliate programs in the content. Since the content is yours to do with as you want, you can promote any kind of additional offer inside the content. Insert links to your favorite affiliate programs, your other products, your website, your lists ... insert any kind of offer you want inside your products to make you even more money! It's all permitted with this package.

Extract information to create mini-courses. You can extract portions of the content to create mini-courses (AKA "ecourses") to give away as lead generators to build your list! Think about this: you create a short, 5-lesson eCourse from the content and load it to an autoresponder. Then, you promote the free eCourse to get subscribers to join ... and the eCourse promotes a product you created with this package! You can create your own marketing materials from part of the content to be used to promote the products you develop from the remainder of the content!

Use part of the information as ezine articles. Want a lot of free publicity for your new products? You can copy some of the content and create your own ezine articles (AKA"newsletter" articles) and allow editors to publish the articles in their ezines. Use your resource box at the close of the article to promote your new product site! You can *literally* use 500-750 words of the content as an article and get your site promoted to hundreds of thousands of subscribers ... for free!

Use some of the content as bonuses for any offer. Don't stop with just creating products themselves with the information in this package, you can also create BONUSES to offer as incentives! Offer the bonuses for anyone buying your products, offer the bonuses to get people to join one of your lists, offer the bonuses to anyone buying an affiliate offer ... use these bonuses as incentives to get people to buy something that you make money from! (NOTE: You could create a unique product plus 3 bonuses to easily put together a $47.00 package!)

In short: You can do anything you want with these babies. Put your name on them, slap on your payment button, combine products together and start selling!

Your Imagination Is The Only Limit!

Think about it:

You can sell your product and keep 100% of the profits.
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You can set up joint ventures and ad swaps with other marketers.
You can give them away in order to pull in quality leads.
Offer the product as an upsell or backend offer for an existing product you currently sell
Add your affiliate links to the thank-you pages and recommended product offers and generate even more cash!
Use the content as training materials.
And much, much more!

You will have everything you need with this MRR package to begin generating sales online and will be a perfect addition to your current portfolio of products... So, secure your ready made internet empire immediately, before the price goes up!

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BONUS!.....Act Now & Receive These Two Video Tutorials FREE With Your Order Today

Bonus Product # 1
KompoZer 4 Newbies Video Series

"9 Complete Videos!"

How To Originate Your First Professional Searching Website In Just a number of Hours From Now With This Free & Simple To Use Software Program…, No HTML Indispensable…Guaranteed Results…

If you need to do business online then you require a website right!  Now if you’ve never built a web page before and do not have a clue where to pop out the whole process may seem rather daunting but…

It’s not that difficult!

If I can clarify you where to find an “open source” software program (that signifies it’s free) and show you how to work with it and have your first website built TODAY would you be interested?

The “Kompozer4Newbies” video tutorials have effectively taken the pain of learning webpage editing away and helped lots, lots people get up and running… fast!

Nothing can beat the professional look of a “real website” and you’ll be shown rapidly and easily how to construct it from scratch.  Plus you’ll in addition be shown the short-cut route of using templates to get you going much faster.

And when you know how to construct a real website you can apply that know-how to put together much more professional searching eBay listings and interesting blog posts.

Here’s What’s Inside The KompoZer 4 Newbies Video Series…

kompozer tutorial videos

Video #1. Finding & Installing the Software

In video 1, decipher where and how to get this free software and install it onto your computer

Video #2. Controlling Your Website Layout

Learn how to prepare your webpage prepared to display your content in a neat and simple to follow format.

Video #3. Adding Text & Media

Through video 3 you’ll see how to add text and pics to your page and also how to format and position them.

Video #4. establishing Navigational Links

Learn how to rapidly produce many webpages and link them together using hyperlinks.

Video #5. How To Insert Video Into Your Pages

Keep your readers interested in your site and add video,  it’s fast, easy and adds real value to your website.

Video #6. CSS part I:  Elements of Type

This first of 3 videos which introduce you to CSS get involved with elements of type.  Here you’ll find out how to format regular text, this includes that essential H1 tag that the search engines pay so much consideration to.

Video #7. CSS part II:  Elements of Class

Just taking what you learn in video 6 a bit as well you will be shown how to define your own formatting so that give your sites that unified look.

Video #8. CSS part III:  Custom Styles

Here we go just a little deeper into the CSS and you’ll see how to add rollover effects to your hyperlinks so that make you navigation more evident and interesting.

Video #9. Going Live

Once you have completed your website all that holds on is to get it to your web host for the world to see.  This is done with free and simple to use ‘FTP’  software as you’ll see here.

Comes With Resale Rights License Including Sales Page, Thank You Page, Videos, and Web Graphics, ready to sell today!

Bonus Product #2
Sales Funnel Setup For Newbies

"Take Your Resell Rights Products And Set Them Up To Sell !"

"Creating a website from scratch is one of the most difficult tasks that you might encounter when trying to make a living online."

With that in mind, I've assembled a series of coaching video tutorials that will tell you every single step in my minisite creation. And - it doesn't matter if you've never created a web page before, I'll show you every single step from scratch.

These easy-to-follow tutorials come in the form of 6 videos you view directly at your computer.

salesfunnel video tutorial

What You Will Learn In These Tutorials:

Video 01 - (06 min 32 sec ) Introduction, Tools And Key Elements You Need

Video 02 - (08 min 42 sec) Getting Your Resell Rights Product Ready

Video 03 - (08 min 52 sec) Customizing Your Sales And Thank You Pages

Video 04 - (04 min 50 sec) Download Page And Downloadable Files

Video 05 - (08 min 51 sec) Sales Automation Using PayPal Buttons

Video 06 - (07 min 41 sec) Uploading Your Files And Testing

This Includes: A Professionally Written Sales Letter Professionally Designed Graphics Set Ready To Go Sales Page/Website, ready to sell today!

Low One-Time Investment Of:
$497 Today $197 Only!


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P.S. There’s never been a better time to start building your own digital product Internet business empire... and you won’t even have to waste any time or money researching, designing or writing a single thing! Secure your copy now in complete confidence!