Dear Fellow Marketer,

Are you struggling to get your Websites and Offers to convert and make you some real cash?

Are you tired of dealing with “techie issues” and the frustrations playing in the Internet Marketing game?

Worst of all, are you tired of wasting time trying to pick the right offer to promote and than being “held hostage” trying to get your website created in hopes it will make you money?

If you can relate than let me share a quick story with you about how I stepped in front of a HUGE traffic channel where all the work was already done for me….I just didn’t know it yet.

This all started last week when I was getting a Redbox Video from McDonalds.

I’ll Explain…. It was late in the evening and I found myself standing in line to get one of the new release.

I couldn’t believe I was waiting in line since I passed a Blockbuster on the way to get there.

Then it was like a lighting bolt hit me and I “nerded out” and related my experience to Internet Marketing…

Yeah I know it is hard to turn off the Internet brain

I thought how McDonalds was the biggest restaurant in the world (because of taste) with their signs saying “Billions Served”.

Then you have these little Redbox DVD rental kiosks inside or curb side of just about every McDonalds.

These little kiosks have only been around for the past two years or so and have nearly wiped out Blockbuster and other players in the video rental market and worst of all I have to wait in line just about every time I go get a movie .


Because they put two things together that everyone wanted and made it easy peasy for everyone to use.

Remember my bolt of wisdom?

Well, It made me realize that Facebook is the McDonalds of the Internet.

They are serving over 750 million and growing.

Duh, we as marketers should know that fact…

I then thought of Youtube and the millions of views they get each and everyday.

And Facebook was smart enough to connect up with Youtube allowing user videos to go viral and this is how things become hyper social.

Okay…We know this, but here is where things get real GOOD!

Good ole’ money making using Facebook and Youtube’s trust and traffic.

Sure some marketers know how to make money with Facebook+Youtube but I am talking real money not $1 here and $1 there.

See most people they don’t want to spam their friends and for others it is just too difficult to create a custom Facebook Fan Page. Let alone have the correct conversion elements in place.

Worry no more, the solution is here




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